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TITLE:  My Soul Looks Back
AUTHOR: Jessica B. Harris
ISBN-13: 978-1501125904
PAGES: 272 pages





Reviews/ Media Reactions

“A lively, entertaining, and informative recounting of a time and place that shaped and greatly enriched American culture.” 

Publishers Weekly

 “A warm recollection [and] unique perspective on some of the greatest African-American intellectuals and artists of the modern era. A deeply felt and lovingly remembered memoir.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Come for the insight into the circle of friends that first revolved around James Baldwin, then shifted orbit to revolve around Maya Angelou. Stay because you’re enraptured by the candid, passionate, woman narrating from the periphery, Jessica B. Harris…. Sweeping and intimate.”

– Alice Randall, author of Ada’s Rules and The Wind Done Gone

“A serendipitous journey filled with everything from a sampling of [Harris’s] unique culinary creations to up close and personal looks at some of the world’s most renowned artists…. A tour de force that holds its own among the great memoirs of all time.”

– Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Emmy award-winning journalist and author of In My Place

 “Beautifully written and deeply moving… This book brings back all the wonderful memories of the countless meals and gab sessions we shared over the years beginning with Sam, Lucille, and my Mother. It is indeed a privilege to call Jessica my friend.  My Soul Looks Back is a vibrant, engaging, and riveting treasure that is transcendent and mesmerizing!”

– Martina Arroyo, opera singer

“At table, before a lectern, or on the page, no matter where we encounter Jessica B. Harris, she commands our attention. My Soul Looks Back, her most intimate book, showcases an era when the black artistic elite flowered and Jessica, along with her love Sam Floyd, lunched with Maya Angelou in California, shared popcorn with James Baldwin in the South of France, and nurtured a social aesthetic that spangled, all too briefly, beneath the kliegs.”

—John T. Edge, author of The Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South

 “Jessica Harris takes you on a magical journey through the streets of New York, through a distinctive and historical era.”

—Pat Mikkel

Kirkus Book Review


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